Hello I’m Tristan.

I'm a tea and biscuit fuelled front-end web developer and tech enjoyer residing in sunny Newcastle, NSW.

Fetching questionable music choices...


  • thready - lets you upload a photo of your fabric and tries to find a suitable thread from a small list of coloured threads.

About me ✌️

I like things like most people do. I like music like Carly Rae Jepsen, Beth Orton and Queen. They’re my faves.

I like films. I really love the Fire Saga Eurovison film. I can watch that over and over. And Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh man, I love Stargate too. I like TV. SG-1 - that's good. Did you see Andor? Have you watched DS9? It’s a soap opera in Space! Phwooooah.

What do I do? I like to play games on my PS5 and my Switch and my PC. I like listening to and watching the things I just spoke about. And I make websites. That’s my job but I like to do it (in practice).