Warning - site build in progress. Inspired by this Dave Rupert post I'm doing a public redesign.


Hello I’m Tristan.

I’m a tall English person living in Australia (don’t get me started on lorikeets). I like things like biscuits and tea, and for my career I make websites and I’ve done that for 11 years at least now 🫠

I like things like most people do. I like music like Taylor Swift, Beth Orton and Queen. They’re my faves.


Fetching questionable music choices...

I like films. I really love the Fire Saga Eurovison film. I can watch that over and over. And Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh man, I love Stargate too. I like TV. SG-1 - that's good. Did you see Andor? Have you watched DS9? It’s a soap opera in Space! Phwooooah.

What do I do? I like to play games on my PS5 and my Switch and my PC. I like listening and watching the things I just spoke about. And I make websites. That’s my job but I like to do it (in practice). If you want to see professional things go here, it’s LinkedIn. Or go here, it’s my CV. Or you can look at this really simple list of projects here.