Responsive Lightbox for Joomla! (based on Magnific Popup)

This Joomla! module uses Magnific Popup to let you put together a small gallery or video popup.

It is based on Magnific Popup responsive lightbox from Magnific is licensed under the MIT License and as such, here's a link to that:

I am actively looking to improve my modules at the moment. If you have any suggestions please let me know via



  • Choose either video
  • Video output allows for Vimeo or YouTube
  • Video output allows for text or thumbnail opener
  • or image output
  • Image output allows you up to ten images with captions and thumbnails


The CSS file includes very basic responsive CSS for the thumbnails, your mileage might vary with it.

You can find the demo on my Joomla demo site here.


The lightbox unopened in a joomla site
Fig 1. The standard lightbox output
The lightbox showing a video in a joomla site
Fig 2. A video opening in the lightbox


Read the changelog here.

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