Week 12th March 2023

A fairly dull week for me this week.


I’ve taken to walking as exercise. Since work from home began in 2021 my lifestyle has become pretty sedentary though I did go twice weekly to the gym for personal training to improve the strength of my back. It became even more sedentary when I had my hernia last August. I went from a few walks a week and the gym to nothing at all for months and as a result of all this I’ve put on a fair amount of weight. Not a huge amount but my clothes are a little snug.

Starting about 4 weeks ago I’ve been walking three or four times a week up the ANZAC walk near where I live. It’s a fairly constant hill up and then a large amount of steps. Perfect to get out of breath on and about a 40 minute round trip. I feel considerably better in myself but have yet to notice any change physically as of yet. I’ve also started going back to the gym for training once a week however I am a little paranoid about the fixed up hernia so am not rushing into anything lifty just yet.

Highlight this week was my trip to the gym on Thursday this week when it was 35ºC. It wasn’t as bad as you’d have thought but I sweat myself to pieces at the end.


With The Mandalorian in full swing and the return of Ted Lasso I’ve had to change my exercise schedule to make Wednesdays a free day so I can manage to CONSUME ALL THE CONTENT. Also on Sunday I made the decision (mistake?) to watch Deep Space 9 again from the beginning. I only watched it for the first time 2021/2022 but I’m ready to jump in again. It’s like comfort food but TV.


Went to the Longboat Cafe in Fingal Bay for some brunch with friends on Saturday. Delicious food and good company.


Same old. Picked up some projects from other devs to finish off. Spent several hours making a mega menu sigh.

Whilst writing I was listening to...