Warning - site build in progress. Inspired by this Dave Rupert post I'm doing a public redesign.


Building in public

If anyone knows me they’ll know I redesigned my site about 2 months ago (if you didn’t see it too late, it wasn’t even wayback-ed). It was big and green and more about selling me as a person as opposed to a site for me. So I want to change that.

I recently joined the Mastodon instance for omg.lol and started following people on there and from front-end.social. I quickly realised in the barrage of new years posts that I need to make my website more fun and more for me. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve kept the old extensions (even though they get minimal downloads) and my (simplified) portfolio and shunted them down to the page footer so that I can focus more on myself and this blog.

Inspired by this blog post by Dave Rupert I’m going to build the site when I get time and in public, gradually adding more to it. I’ve changed from Nuxt to Astro for this site and currently some sections are running using Vue still however I am trying to learn React so I will eventually sub Vue out for that. I also want it to just be a bit more of a vibe, how I do that I don’t know yet as I sort of want to freestyle this instead of putting something together in Figma though I do know that I have some old ideas in Codepen that I would like to integrate.

Anyway, peace out for now ✌️

Whilst writing I was listening to...