Purmön is a new content-driven marketing company that started in Brighton this year (well done them hey?). To get the business up and running they needed a small web presence put together so in collaboration with Good Looking Design again I built this small WordPress powered landing page.

The front end is built in my standard way, using Webpack to create a responsive, Sass and ES6 powered template that can easily be plugged into a Timber theme powered WordPress site. There are some small and subtle animations added with the GSAP ScrollTrigger plugin. I am lead to believe that in the next iteration the animations are going to be pretty out there.

The site is built in WordPress so that the client can make small content changes but also as future-proofing so that more page templates and types can be added in the future.

Tech used: Dockerised WordPress (Bedrock with Timber Theme), Webpack, Sass, ES6, GSAP

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The site home page with giant Ö and bold colours
The site home page with giant Ö and bold colours