After backing Pebble Time on Kickstarter several months ago my Pebble Time turned up last week.

It's an awesome piece of kit and I'd highly recommend it when it comes out for general sale later, especially if you were intrigued or owned the original.

Anyway I went to put some watchfaces on there and to my surprise, no colour doge-related ones yet. I could have waited but instead I built this...

DOGEFACE on my Pebble Time

Look at that beauty. It's actually quite simple to build the watchfaces, they use the C language and you can find an awesome guide on building your first watchface here however I've used some features of the new OS for the Pebble Time such as vector drawing of images.

They also provide a neat online IDE for building the apps however I went native for this experience, mostly due to lack of screen real estate.

I also made it backwards compatible with older Pebbles however it's not as awesome on those because, you know, no colours or cool SVG drawing commands.

I think it turned out well and as I write this it's been installed onto 78 watches and gotten 11 hearts.

Check it out here if you please.

If you need any help with or have any suggestions for DOGEFACE then get in touch: