So much for this

Good job I started this blog for talking about all the stuff I'm doing in Australia hey? 🦘

Rona really threw a spanner in those works didn't it? I have been doing stuff though, a bit. In between all the work I've been doing (legally and for UK clients if any Australians read this). It has been winter after all.

Tomorrow though we're going to get a van 🚐 for 5 weeks to go around NSW and chill out and walk and sight see 👀 We're not allowed out of the state because for the purposes of rona the whole state is as bad as it's weakest link but I guess extenuating circumstances 🤷‍♂️

What can I tell you leave you with about today? Nearly choked to death on a gummy worm and saw a dead wallaby. Yeah, that works.


Whilst writing I was listening to...

Header Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash