A tale of one spine

So in December of 2018 my leg got a little stiff and pinchy 🦵 No biggy. It had happened before and it will happen again. I self-referred to physio in January 2019 and waited to hear back. February comes along and I’m seeing a chiropractor as my back is getting stiff too but it gets to the end of the month and ping 💥 something’s happened.

Turns out my disc slipped but I wouldn’t know this yet. I spent a few months doing my physio 🙆‍♂️ and not getting better before the pain got so unbearable I went to see a back surgeon and had an MRI. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen your insides before but it’s not fun especially when someone is pointing out what a good part of your spine looks like and a disgusting, bulging part of your spine looks like 💀 Anyway this is May time and by June I’m getting sedated and having steroid injections into my spine to deal with the pain and to help me recover. I was a happy sedation patient. I like to think I’m a lover at the best of times anyway ♥️

After this, months of boring and tedious physiotherapy and exercises to do every, single day. Limits on what I can and can’t do. Time off of work to recover. It’s all dull and I’m impatient ⏰ Revelations that it was probably stress of all things that caused it.

Fast forward to now and apart from a recent flare up due to the worst mattress I’ve had the misfortune of sleeping on whilst on holiday I’m doing pretty good 💪 I saw the surgeon again this evening after another MRI last week and have been told that it’s 90% recovered. I am pretty ecstatic but now my goal is to strengthen my core… for the rest of my life. Seems doable.

Whilst writing I was listening to...